Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zoe and Freddie's Different Languages

Freddie and Zoe speak two different languages. Zoe loves everyone (sometimes a little too hard) and everything (except for loud noises and food bowls). She is the happiest animal I have ever owned. One of my favorite activities is walking her down busy Chicago streets because so many people smile at her. The unadulterated joy that marks her every experience is contagious. In short, Zoe loves life.

She pretty much always looks like this. (Photo by A. of Two Pitties).

Freddie, on the other hand, believes that life loves him.

He is the king of his own universe, though his needs are quite simple. Indeed, Freddie's favorite activities consist of the following: 1) covert bathtub missions to coax water from the faucet 2) daily morning facials in my bowl of cereal, 3) creeping on Stella, and 4) swatting Zoe's tail and then running away. Freddie runs our household, and never takes no for an answer. 

Because they both have such distinct personalities, it is hilarious to observe their interactions. Here are some of my favorite Freddie-Zoe moments:

And here's a little video from tonight: 



  1. That video is hilarious! I love the look on Freddie's face! Also, I just love that Zoe & Freddie are friends - I am so fascinated by inter-species friendships!

  2. Its always interesting to see how the different pets interact!

  3. THEY SPOON!!! So cute. Freddie and Lindsey could be besties!

  4. LOL! The photo where she is holding him in bed and he's giving her an incredulous, "what the hell?!" look is my favorite!

  5. Love their happy faces! The picture of Freddie stretched out is so perfect for the king of the universe. The sideways look Zoe is giving him while yawning is great.

  6. Adorable! This makes me wish we had a cat. Heidi is great with cats (we Nemo is too), but Mel does not mix well with felines, haha. Maybe someday we'll have dog/cat besties too :)

  7. well hes a cat... I mean that should say it all ;)

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Aww! Life loves them both: they found you! :)

  9. You know what I love??? Your love for your kids!


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