Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Showdown After Another...

Lately K. and I have noticed that Zoe and Stella's relationship seems to be improving.

When we first brought Zoe into the apartment, she and Stella got along really well. Zoe was still such a puppy that she tolerated everything, including this...

This move reminds me of a certain dog we know...

which often turned into this...

Everyone is a cushion in Stella's world.

But as Zoe grew older and more confident, she stopped tolerating Stella's brazen behavior.

And over time, Stella had to learn to respect Zoe's space.

Zoe had to do the same (she often learned the hard way).

Do NOT mess with Stella.

Not withstanding the occasional skirmish, by and large, Zoe and Stella live in peace.

Unfortunately, Stella and Freddie have no such relationship. Despite our best efforts to properly introduce them, they despise each other. Every single day they have showdowns over "territory" in the apartment. Sometimes these standoffs end peacefully...but often not.

I may be adorable, but I will cut you.

Although Stella is the more temperamental of the two, Freddie is usually the instigator.

Tiny but fierce.

I used to have hope that their relationship would improve over time, but two years later, little has changed. Just today I had to break up a fight that was so intense there were tufts of fur flying into the air. Picture something like this:

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Do your animals get along? How have their relationships changed over time?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone! Things are still pretty hectic around here, but I couldn't resist posting this photo. See if you can find Freddie... he kind of blends into the background!

A rare moment when all the animals can be captured in a single photo.